Leaving Seattle for the big city

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back to Work!

After the nice 4th, i got back to business. My favorite class on Tuesdays is character. We have an old but awesome Russian teacher. You can barley understand him but his combination's are fabulous! It is one of those things where you have to be there to understand. Going on with the week, on Wednesday was a day that I will always remember. When it happened we were in center, in pointe class. A girl was showing a combination but as you know if you don't turn out from your hips, some things can go very wrong! She basically, while showing in front of everyone, dislocated her knee cap and it didn't pop back in! Everyone felt so bad for her and she was crying and must have been in a lot of pain! we had to end class right then, and then had to go straight to pilaties. She went to the hospital and came back with crutches and a knee brace that basically covered her whole leg. They said she could maybe only take half of a class in September at the most! She is an amazing dancer and went to SAB last summer too! I felt so bad that she might just have to go home after the first week!

Meanwhile, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I was trying to go to Billy Elliot on standby (if people who don't show up in their spot, you get to have a chance in the drawing of names) and just when I thought on the last day i wouldn't make it, I was the 2nd to last to get picked! i was so glad I went because it is one Broadway show you have to see here! Then finally came Saturday were after variations my friends and i went to the Time Warner Building to see if there were any shops we liked (turned out there weren't too many). But we did find Sephora were we just HAD to give ourselves makeovers! And that summed up my 2nd week at SAB! It is still so weird to think I only have 3 weeks left! It is going way too fast!


  1. Well sounds like your having lots of fun!!! But here its going by slowly...hahaha have loads more fun!!!!

  2. Alex!!!!sounds like u r having the greatest time!!! I cant wait till u get home so I can hear everything about ur trip! Dont hurt ur self like the other girl!! Hehe
    See u soon. :D <3 Meg

  3. Haha Thanks! I can't wait either!