Leaving Seattle for the big city

Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Ballets!

On Wednesday I got to go see a Kirov ballet. It wasn't the best but it was still cool seeing something new. The next day I got to see Mary Poppins! I loved it! I found it more enjoyable to watch and the music was amazing! I would love to see it again. Finally on Saturday we went to Saratoga for A New York City Ballet performance. I loved the ballet. We got to see Apollo, Serenade and The Magic Flute. My favorite was Serenade because it was so classic and beautiful! But the only part I hated about the trip was the long bus ride which took 3 hours each way! Luckily we got to ride in coach buses but still I didn't get to sleep=( That was the highlights of the week but it is so crazy how the time flys when your having fun!

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