Leaving Seattle for the big city

Monday, August 1, 2011

On the Plane Again

My last day in New York was not a pleasant one, getting up at 4 AM to go to the airport. And we didn't even know if we could get on that flight. My dad and I were flying stand-by to get home and there were no more empty seats available so we were praying that someone wouldn't show up. It ended up working but I didn't have any time to sleep with a 2 year old girl sitting next to me! I missed my family and the cool weather here but really missed NY.

I am very grateful that I went and had wonderful people who helped me. I have learned and trained from the best and know what I need to work on. I will miss seeing company dancers in classes and getting their signatures. I will miss the honking of taxis, crowded streets and sirens wailing at night.

Again I would like to thank everyone who helped support me and I appreciate it very much!

A Delicious Treat with Dad

After all the hassle of packing up and sending stuff home, I finally got to relax and enjoy a day with my dad. One of my favorite shows on TV is Cake Boss. I've always craved one of there pastries when watching it but this time I didn't have to because We went there! I was wanting to sleep in more but in order to not wait in a 3 hour line we had to get in gear. Thankfully I had google maps on my phone or else we would be lost. We got there 8:15 and saw the line across the street! So we hopped in line regardless of the wait. It took about 2 hours for the whole process! When it was our turn to order we got cannoli, a lobster tail, wedding cookies and a red velvet cupcake. It was the best dessert I have had! I got to see Buddy's sister...I think it was Grace and people were getting her autograph haha=) It was a lot more calmer than the show...less screaming and yelling! I saw the table where Buddy takes his orders and the little stair that he brings his cakes down! It was just so cool to be there!

After our treat we decided to go to the Brooklyn Bridge. I took some ballet picture there and just enjoyed the view. Our last stop of the day was the Empire State Building! We were very happy when there was almost no line to buy tickets and security. But then it came time to wait for the elevator which seemed forever! Once finished with that elevator there was another elevator line! We were not up for it! About half way through the line we saw people leaving the line to go somewhere else... which turned out to be the stairs! So we followed along... thankfully it was only 6 flights of steps. And so we thought that was the last line! We went out to the observation deck on the 86th floor! It was super high up and I was afraid I would drop my phone while trying to take pictures! I was blown away by the view... it was gorgeous! We saw almost everything.... my dad tried to find our hotel which was almost impossible. Besides the view the breeze felt nice. And we were done and dead for the day!
My last class with Mrs. Ware

My Last Classes

I was so sad to think that this was my last week. I loved my teacher, Mrs. Ware. She is so sweet and respectful of everyone. I felt she focused more on our technique and how we are doing the steps. The two most important things she wanted us to get out of her classes were to "plie more" and "be one with the music." Mrs. Ware would always tell us about Mr. Balanchine and her experiences. Every pointe class she does this fun combination that everyone loves to do and right before we go she would say "If your happy show it, If you aren't show it anyway." I feel those are things I can use through out my career. Then my other main teacher was Mrs. Killian. She is always cheerful and knows a lot about the foot which is very helpful when you have an injury. I felt in her classes that she got a lot more done and gave us combinations that challenged us. I am very glad I had those teachers and learned tons from them.
 I was glad that our pointe classes where an hour and a half long instead of only an hour class like how it is at PNB. It has prepared me for level 6 when I start at PNB and has made me a stronger dancer. My favorite class is probably variations because you get to learn variations from ballets and learn new steps. I wish I could have continued classes but I will have to wait till next year!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Ballets!

On Wednesday I got to go see a Kirov ballet. It wasn't the best but it was still cool seeing something new. The next day I got to see Mary Poppins! I loved it! I found it more enjoyable to watch and the music was amazing! I would love to see it again. Finally on Saturday we went to Saratoga for A New York City Ballet performance. I loved the ballet. We got to see Apollo, Serenade and The Magic Flute. My favorite was Serenade because it was so classic and beautiful! But the only part I hated about the trip was the long bus ride which took 3 hours each way! Luckily we got to ride in coach buses but still I didn't get to sleep=( That was the highlights of the week but it is so crazy how the time flys when your having fun!

Harry Potter Stars Across the Street!

Monday morning I woke up to see a red carpet that said Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows sprawled across Lincoln Centers fountain!! I instantly knew this was something I could NOT miss! As most of you know I am a huge Harry Potter fan along with some of my friends. I was freaking out all day and could barley concentrate in class. We walked to Times Square before the event to go to get somethings and go to the Disney store:) I kept telling my friends to hurry up and that we needed to be there an hour and a half early. So we rushed back hoping to see what was going on but...no. There was only a few people who were allowed inside of the boundaries so we couldn't see a thing! So our solution was to go up to our dorm and try. It actually worked and we had a great view except for the fact that we didn't know who was who. But with the technology of my camera I was able to snatch a picture of Emma Watson! I didn't see anyone else but I was still satisfied with this.

Later that day, i heard that only about 30 people, that didn't have tickets, got let in. They got signatures of Emma Watson, Tom Felton and Jay Manuel. Also, my friend got a free ticket to the movie that night were she could sit next to Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint! But since of our curfew she couldn.t go! She was so mad she had to give up a $7,000 dollar ticket!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back to Work!

After the nice 4th, i got back to business. My favorite class on Tuesdays is character. We have an old but awesome Russian teacher. You can barley understand him but his combination's are fabulous! It is one of those things where you have to be there to understand. Going on with the week, on Wednesday was a day that I will always remember. When it happened we were in center, in pointe class. A girl was showing a combination but as you know if you don't turn out from your hips, some things can go very wrong! She basically, while showing in front of everyone, dislocated her knee cap and it didn't pop back in! Everyone felt so bad for her and she was crying and must have been in a lot of pain! we had to end class right then, and then had to go straight to pilaties. She went to the hospital and came back with crutches and a knee brace that basically covered her whole leg. They said she could maybe only take half of a class in September at the most! She is an amazing dancer and went to SAB last summer too! I felt so bad that she might just have to go home after the first week!

Meanwhile, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I was trying to go to Billy Elliot on standby (if people who don't show up in their spot, you get to have a chance in the drawing of names) and just when I thought on the last day i wouldn't make it, I was the 2nd to last to get picked! i was so glad I went because it is one Broadway show you have to see here! Then finally came Saturday were after variations my friends and i went to the Time Warner Building to see if there were any shops we liked (turned out there weren't too many). But we did find Sephora were we just HAD to give ourselves makeovers! And that summed up my 2nd week at SAB! It is still so weird to think I only have 3 weeks left! It is going way too fast!