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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Holiday With A Curfew?

I was so thankful for the 4th of July because I didn't have to take any classes in pain from working so hard the first week! Even though I had to get up early, the trip to the Bronx Zoo was worth it. We all took a little yellow bus to the zoo, (which I would have died without water!) The nice part about going here in such a big group was that they let us wander off around the zoo with our friends...but the worst part is that we stayed there for 6 hours in the heat! I wish I could post pictures on my blog but unfortunately there is no slot to put my chip in=( After going around and seeing all the animals, we decided to ride the carousal again! Haha...it's nice to be a little kid. After the long day of walking, it was so nice to relax and watch Cake Boss! I really want to go down to there one day while I am here...like when my dad picks me up...*hint, hint*:) Since we have our curfew, we weren't aloud to go out to watch any of the fireworks. But luckily our room faced the show...we turned all our lights off, got cozy and enjoyed the sound (the window was cracked open), the show and the entertainment of my roomies. My favorite firework was a smiley face, which I got a picture of :) I had a lot of fun that day and am looking forward to more like it.

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