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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Last Classes

I was so sad to think that this was my last week. I loved my teacher, Mrs. Ware. She is so sweet and respectful of everyone. I felt she focused more on our technique and how we are doing the steps. The two most important things she wanted us to get out of her classes were to "plie more" and "be one with the music." Mrs. Ware would always tell us about Mr. Balanchine and her experiences. Every pointe class she does this fun combination that everyone loves to do and right before we go she would say "If your happy show it, If you aren't show it anyway." I feel those are things I can use through out my career. Then my other main teacher was Mrs. Killian. She is always cheerful and knows a lot about the foot which is very helpful when you have an injury. I felt in her classes that she got a lot more done and gave us combinations that challenged us. I am very glad I had those teachers and learned tons from them.
 I was glad that our pointe classes where an hour and a half long instead of only an hour class like how it is at PNB. It has prepared me for level 6 when I start at PNB and has made me a stronger dancer. My favorite class is probably variations because you get to learn variations from ballets and learn new steps. I wish I could have continued classes but I will have to wait till next year!

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